Product Launches

Our team has assisted in over twenty different product launches for online products over the past decade, including several in the bitcoin sector. We can help you prepare your route-to-market through a combination of strategy, advertising, marketing & communications.

Marketing Strategy

Our proven Integrated Marketing Strategies allow companies to align their products, regardless of whether the product is pre-release, already on the market, or going through an upgrade. These bespoke plans leverage our 3+ years experience and proprietary research into the bitcoin and blockchain sectors.

Ad Campaign Management

Our Agency clients get discounted or complementary access to our Chrysalis Marketing Middleware Engine. This allows us to link traditional and bitcoin advertising activity to in-app metrics, allowing for full transparency on traffic, as well as enabling us to properly manage data being fed to and from ad networks, in-app analytics, optimisation, budget management and pricing.

Process Development

If you are a small team looking to get advice on the structures you need to manage and support a growing service, we can bring our expertise from the international video games industry to bitcoin and blockchain projects.

Marketing & In-Product Analytics

We can work with Executive Management teams to work viable business models for scaling their products and services, and define Key Performance Indicators to allow staff to understand their day-to-day performance, and allow product bottlenecks to be identified and fixed.

Bitcoin & Blockchain SEO

We have extensive experience with on-site SEO, including copy-writing, configuring and improving site performance, submission to search engines, removal of old content, backed by an extensive library of bitcoin and blockchain terminology.