How prevalent is click fraud? Chrysalis stopped 39% of one bitcoin ad campaigns budget from going to waste

It’s been an interesting few months in Dublin, as the team at Advanced Marcomm Services let our v0.1 of the Chrysalis Marketing Engine run for a few months. Born of the games industry, we’ve been testing a wide variety of things with the help of some of our agency clients. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to test a theory in the wild, and So my first Chrysalis Case study has been a very satisfying experience. In my time in games middleware, publishing and development, I got hardened very young to the realities of the promises of sales people, and the results their networks delivered when it came to digital advertising. Quality, Cost and Volume are what’s important to most people, but may have a different order. Repeated visits to Cologne’s Gamescom showed me a clear pattern when it came to those working the exhibition circuit, namely friendly(ish) […]