Techconnect 2016 Bitcoin as a testbed for marketing tech presentation

On May 25th 2016 in the Dublin’s RDS at the Techconnect 2016 / National Sales & Marketing Summit, Jamie McCormick of the Bitcoin Marketing Team presented a talk at the fintech stage. The event had a wide range of people from across different industries in Ireland, and we had the opportunity to talk to an audience of marketing and finance people.

In summary, the talk presented a case study on the use of our proprietary Chrysalis marketing engine, in controlling the relationship with an advertising supplier, for one of our agency clients.

In this case, the company in question was using specialist advertising network for bitcoin and blockchain products. Both the company and advertising network were new to the sector, and our client wanted to put their bitcoin brand in front of audiences in four different languages. The supplier had inventory and we managed the campaign.

Using Chrysalis, we were able to identify traffic that was in breach of not only the advertiser -> network contract, but also the network -> publisher relationship. Understanding this, and applying our technical analysis to the traffic, we were able to identify 6.7% of their publishers who were generating the lion’s share of the problematic traffic.

From these 6.7% of publishers, 39% of the daily campaign budgets was gobbled up in a short period of time, taking this away from better performing publishers that were promoting the ads honestly to the actual audience our client wanted to reach.

Having combined Chrysalis behavioural analysis with our client’s data, we were able to identify another 20.8% of traffic which showed no performance whatsoever.

This allowed us to stop this waste in it’s tracks, leaving the budgets to focus on the good traffic sources, but also have strong, irrefutable data to go to the supplier with, and in this case, recover the 39% of wasted budget. Upon successfully challenging this traffic, we were able to get it credited back on the account and extend the time between top-ups as it was with a pre-paid network, working on CPC.

The presentation itself is available to view below, and if you would like to talk to the Bitcoin Marketing Team about bitcoin and blockchain advertising support, or any of the other marketing services we offer, please get in touch by contacting us or giving us a call on +35314376904.