Our interest and expertise in bitcoin and marketing helped our clients grow their business and reach the most suitable crypto audience for their product or service. We utilize an iterative approach to advertising, which keeps marketing budget in check while delivering quality leads with high conversion rates and providing a strong level of transparency to our clients.
Advertising campaign management has the potential to become a very subjective activity if you don't have data to back up your decisions. This is particularly true if your business operates internationally, where you are exposed to different cultural backgrounds and audiences. For these reasons we strongly encourage our clients to set their ad campaigns up on a solid foundation and put reliable tracking in place, before the advertising campaigns are initiated. With the help of tangible data, you set yourself up for success since you can make data-driven decision.
Since the Bitcoin Marketing Team was established in 2014, we compiled and optimized keyword-data sets for a variety of different products and services in the blockchain sector. We also prepared comprehensive blacklists of non-performing keywords and websites and make those available to our clients.

By utilizing those pre-optimization measures, you avoid advertising budget being wasted from the start and ensure that your budget is used for its original purpose: generate leads and actual sales.
Hand placing coins on a coin stack with upward arrow - Income and asset growth concept
Ad campaigns are a means to an end - to generate sales, engagement or brand awareness. Whichever KPIs are most relevant to your business, we custom tailor each advertising campaign towards the goals you specified.
We've managed successful campaigns for multi-lingual, international products and services and bring all of our expertise and experience to the table. Let us know how we can help you grow your business, we are happy to arrange a call!
Don't accept mediocre campaign optimization as "brand awareness" measure! Ads campaign management should always be performance based, whether you advertise with bitcoin or utilize traditional fiat currency.
We monitor our client's campaigns closely and capitalize on advertising opportunities that arise. We regularly find advertising channels that cost a fraction of the regular price demanded by a particular traffic source, while ensuring that KPI are reached.

You only require assistance during
your initial campaign setup and
plan to manage it internally?

No problem, we prepare the advertising campaign setup and provide the training and guidance your team needs to maintain it.

Your active advertising campaign needs an independent campaign audit?

We can identify shortcomings and provide recommendations for improvements.


Feedback by our Digital Marketing & Digital Advertising clients
Ronen Kirsh
San Francisco Blockchain Week

Working with Jamie and the BMT has been an absolute pleasure. They are incredibly professional, accountable, and responsive at all times. We received excellent results from our campaigns and will use them for future events.

Amanda Costanzi
SALT Lending

“The Bitcoin Marketing Team has been an amazing resource for SALT Lending as we expand our reach globally. We attribute much of our online traction and member conversion to the work BMT does behind the scenes!”

Pantelis Roussakis
Brave New Coin

A highly professional team, always thorough, offering excellence in communication and troubleshooting skills. They have always worked tirelessly to optimise reach, maximise results and deliver first class service to all our clients.

Nathan Worsley

“Working with Jamie, Rene, Alan and the team was a fantastic experience. Always on hand for advice when needed, they were one of our greatest assets during LocalCoinSwap’s
inception. Without BitcoinMarketingTeam in our corner we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thanks a lot guys!“

Anna Lapshina
PR & Marketing

On behalf of team, I would like to thank the BitcoinMarketingTeam who brought a significant contribution to the work within our pre- and ICO period. All the work was being carried out properly, promptly, with high responsibility, and with professional excellence demonstration. The BitcoinMarketingTeam is efficient in its approach to work that was always done on schedule although the requirements were very flexible and of a wide range. BitcoinMarketingTeam contribution to advertorial area of Playkey ICO activity has been much appreciated. I was happy to have an experience of the working together and strongly recommend the Team, without reservation, to cooperation to whom it may concern.

Gerry Howatt

“The Bitcoin Marketing Team did an amazing job managing all of our paid search for our Token Generation Event. They consistently provided low CPA for our whitelist. Jamie and team were very proactive dealing with campaign challenges and consistently communicated their strategy. Looking forward to working with them again!”


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