Integrated Bitcoin Marketing Strategies

With over a decade’s experience in marketing online products and services, we have refined our approach to cater for bitcoin, blockchain and ICO launches. Our team can prepare integrated marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C scenarios, enabling you to build a battleplan to bring your products to market, or reinvigorate your marketing activities. By taking an integrated approach to marketing, communications and advertising, we can evaluate your product and market, and prepare an actionable document which will allow you, your team, or third parties to work together to drive growth of your business. Our thoroughly researched, bespoke marketing strategy documents are custom made for your business sector and business model, thoroughly looking at competitors, markets, USP’s and more, and plan out three or four stage strategic action plan to complete necessary tasks in the right order, so that marketing, communications and activities can build on each other and establish […]

Bitcoin Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team has worked with online products and services for over a decade, and during this time we have built up a substantial amount of expertise in the area of search engine optimization. With over twenty web projects under our belt across WordPress, custom built CMS’s and hard coded websites, our approach consistently enables a brand to secure its organic brand searches online, as well as improve its rankings across sector and keyword specific areas. Our team can analyse your website and work with you to implement a wide range of improvements. Whether it’s improved on-site content or copywriting, improvements or additions of meta and opengraph to improve search relevancy around key phrases, technical improvements to bring sites up to current SEO best practice, and consultancy to improve page load speeds to improve page rank, these combine to help your site rise through the organic rankings over time to increase […]

Bitcoin Business Modelling & Monetization Consultancy

Our team worked with virtual currencies in the online video games sector long before Satoshi published his white paper or mined the Genesis Block, and it’s one of the main reasons we transitioned into the bitcoin and blockchain space to set up our company. We can work with companies in the bitcoin and blockchain sectors to map out realistic micro-transaction based monetisation plans, as well as assist in building out online-focused conversion funnels and business models. Whether that means evaluating your pricing, giving a reality check to your figures, or helping you build out your service with a conversion focused user flow to drive people through your platform, and identify potential in-product bottlenecks that are obstructing your sales potential. Get in touch with us today to organise a call to talk to our monetisation experts about how we can help you improve monetisation or commercialisation of your bitcoin or blockchain service.