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Get expert setup, management & optimization of your marketing budgets

Running advertising for a crypto project can be a minefield for the uninitiated. With a wide range of restrictions which limit or prohibit crypto advertising, a lot of time, effort and money can be wasted setting up a campaign that goes nowhere, or putting effort into channels that will never accept crypto to begin with.

Over the years, our team has successfully managed over $10m in advertising campaigns, with over $2m specifically for over thirty crypto clients, running hundreds of advertising campaigns across traditional and crypto advertising channels. 

Allow us to help you determine the best channels

Whether it’s setting up search, display, video, app or performance campaigns, we can help you put together the right mix of campaigns for your budget. You may have a modest budget and need to focus on one or two high performing channels to drive traffic, registrations and sales, or have a larger budget to support larger scale campaigns across multiple channels. We’ll help you design your campaigns, and work with your development and design teams to get all the advertising materials ready.

We run campaigns for you, or train your team to do it for themselves

Our team often works with clients for the long-term, with multiple clients in crypto working with us for several years. This means we have the time to set up, optimize, iterate and manage campaigns to drive performance over a long term. We’ve also run one-off campaigns, and even worked with in-house marketing teams to set up campaigns and then train them to take them over. We’re also a very data-driven agency, and pride ourselves in the effort we go in at the start to ensure that not only are advertising campaigns using the right channels and targeting, but also that the website receiving traffic is up for the task, landing pages and conversion funnels are set up to maximise results, and tracking and attribution are in place to properly measure campaigns.  

If you need help with setting up and/or running advertising campaigns for your project, you can contact us on the site’s chat, use the contact form on this page or send us an email to sales [at] bitcoinmarketingteam [dot] com and schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your requirements.

We’ve successfully set up and managed over $2,000,000 in crypto advertising campaigns.