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Do you know specifically which ad or keyword brought your highest value users?

Tracking and attribution is key to a successful digital marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing search campaigns, banner ads, social, influencer, affiliate or email, knowing specifically which advertisement brought you users (or not) is key to enabling your marketing team or advertising agency to properly optimize your campaigns and deliver commercial results.

Over the years, we’ve managed hundreds of advertising campaigns for dozens of crypto projects, and even more in our video games careers before we set up the Bitcoin Marketing Team back in 2014. Between this we’ve managed over $10,000,000 in advertising campaigns, and we know how important it is from the first cent of a campaign to the last to be able to measure at a granular level which campaigns are performing (so to focus budgets), and which aren’t (to stop them).

Combine well performing landing pages with detailed tracking to generate meaningful returns on investment

Any experienced Marketing Manager will appreciate a few key things regardless of what product they are trying to promote. A poorly designed conversion funnel into your product can mean a huge amount of wasted spend, as you pay for impressions or clicks that will be unlikely to convert. Improper tracking will mean that you cannot see the wood from the trees in a campaign, only seeing at a high level that a campaign is performing or not, but being unable to optimize out the under-performing or non-performing keywords, publishers, affiliates or traffic sources from a campaign. And proper attribution combined with detailed reporting around your Key Performance Indicators can enable you to hone in on those channels, and a handful of specific sources that are driving results.

Solve both the Wannamaker Dilemma and the Pareto Principle 

These two things have been at the heart of advertising measurement since the old days, and take on even more importance in the digital age. If you know half your advertising is working, just not which half, or know that a small percentage of your users generate the majority of your results, then tracking and attribution enable you to cut through the bullshit, identify with clarity which channels and sources are driving results, and adapt your advertising campaigns to focus money and traffic on those generating results. We’ve worked with dozens of crypto projects to help them do just this, an enabled them, us and even other agencies involved in product launches to know exactly what ads are driving results, and viably grow their user bases over time. Will it mean mooning overnight? Maybe not, but this enables a measured, iterative approach to advertising that maximises return on investment of the partners we work with.

So if you’re in need of some assistance with your evaluating your conversion funnel, tracking and attribution, feel free to contact us using the chat or contact form below, or send us an email to sales [at] bitcoinmarketingteam [dot] com

Attribution – Measuring which marketing activities are driving your registrations and sales