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Our exclusive data-driven approach takes best practice from 20 years of digital marketing

Modern online systems are a treasure trove of data, but many, many developers don’t quite understand how to measure how people are using their products, nor do many marketing teams have useful data to help them understand the performance of their activities.

From our time in video games, we have brought a high standard of data understanding with us into the crypto industry, enabling us to look at a product, build out it’s onboarding process into a series of KPI’s, and map these out in reports which can be used to understand marketing performance.

Given that most products are at the worst on day one, with the product being at it’s poorest (compared to later revisions), landing pages being unoptimized, marketing only beginning to start, and data at it’s least useful, it is important to get data right first. As a data-driven agency, we largely insist that clients that work with us upgrade their marketing systems to measure properly. Google Analytics just isn’t good enough in a day when 40% of crypto users have adblock, and it doesn’t even measure things that are happening in a database away from a website.

Our tracking and measurement service sees us working with a marketing and development team to map out their product KPI’s, generate useful reports to interpret these, and then use the data to optimize campaigns against commercial goals, while feeding back data on onboarding bottlenecks as well as other insight derived from the data back to the product team to improve their next iteration.

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