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ICO marketing strategy

An ICO marketing strategy aims to bring an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Token Sale to a successful conclusion by reaching, at a minimum, the soft cap, or at the maximum, the hard cap of the amount of funds the project set out to collect.

An ICO marketing strategy is commonly summarized in a marketing plan or strategy paper and consists of a variety of components that work together. Some, but not necessarily all of the components commonly used, consist of:

Public relations (PR) and their corresponding press releases,

  • Extensive search engine optimization (SEO) of the project’s website
  • Paid advertising marketing campaigns across a variety of crypto and blockchain related websites
  • Email marketing activities such as newsletters sent via mailing or email lists
  • Outreach programs run by project and team members or community managers via social media channels and other cryptocurrency communities
  • Bounty campaigns, used for a variety of tasks that can be outsourced to project enthusiasts and fans

All of those components combined are used to identify and reach potential investors, ideally top tier investors, and early adopters of the client’s product(s) or service(s). Once those users and investors reviewed the white paper and completed other research via ICO list and other information about the project, they are likely to get involved if they believe in the vision and purpose of the project.

The BitcoinMarketingTeam is an ICO marketing agency that specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects and guided a variety of different teams through the marketing requirements of ICOs. All of our clients successfully completed their ICO or Token Sale and collectively raised more than 110 million USD. We can help you market your ICO, get in touch today!