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Marketing team

The BitcoinMarketingTeam is a marketing team that worked across multiple sectors, for an eclectic mix of clients with very different marketing objectives. You can find a list of marketing services that we regularly provide below:

  • Email marketing
  • Creation and execution of marketing strategies
  • Marketing planning (budget, outlets, strategies)
  • Design or analysis of a conversion funnel, optimizing the customer journey and customer experience through a website
  • Create different types of content, such as blog posts, press releases, newsletters, articles, job descriptions
  • Creating content for other applications or purposes
  • Brand social media channels
  • Configure and optimize marketing automation tools

You can find more detailed information about those services in the Services Overview, or simply contact us for more information.

We can also assist with building a marketing dream team, consisting of high performing individuals that understand the big picture of the company and apply their marketing efforts to generate new leads, increase conversions and utilize modern marketing activities and marketing tools to ensure the companies goals are achieved. Those team members of the marketing department will be highly skilled, with backgrounds as digital marketers, marketing managers and marketing specialists.