2016 Project Facts

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Ad Campaigns Managed
Current Bitcoin Sector Clients

Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland | Insured & Indemnified

Product Launches

We have a decade's experience launching B2C and B2B SaaS products and services. We can work with bitcoin and blockchain entrepreneurs to put together practical marketing, communication and advertising strategies to effectively launch their businesses.

Marketing Strategy

We can put together bespoke Integrated Marketing Strategies to help you build a message to the right target markets and audiences, including search engine optimisation, marketing, communications and advertising campaigns. We also provide conversion funnel and user flow analysis to help you build out your product reports, and improve your conversion rates.

Ad Campaign Management

Having managed and analysed over €10,000,000 worth of advertising over 7 years, we have extensive experience negotiating, integrating, managing and optimising advertising campaigns across major providers including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other leading international advertising and affiliate networks. We can work with bitcoin budgets of all sizes to generate traffic and leads to your website. All campaigns are tracked with our proprietary Chrysalis marketing middleware platform, giving full transparency on every click, and advanced after conversion behavioural analysis.

Process Development

We work with companies to define working communications processes, enabling customer service and customer feedback, the two key things that any bitcoin business lives or dies by. Our experienced team can help you understand your product better, and be trained to a high minimum standard.

Marketing & In-Product Analytics

We can work with companies to integrate, understand and interpret a range of analytics platforms, and develop actionable reports to identify bottlenecks in their conversion and sales funnels, and get insight about user behaviour and monetisation. Our proprietary Chrysalis platform can ensure that your analytics software is correctly configured, to ensure you are getting maximum information from it.


We can provide training and guidance on a wide variety of communications functions, including press releases, blog posts, screenshots, trailers, promotions, social media management and community management.

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If you are a Bitcoin entrepreneur who is struggling with how to bring your product to market in the new year, we can help! Our range of personalised packages can help you put together a strategy backed by solid marketing, communications and advertising to grow your business. We work with companies of all sizes, from one person companies to large corporations, and everything in between!