Market Segmentation Research for Crypto & Web3 Projects

Unlike our Persona Research for which pre-launch products or services, our market segmentation research focuses on a client’s existing user base.

Many companies possess extensive data but struggle to interpret it and segment their users into actionable categories for effective marketing and communication.

By collaborating closely with our clients, we help them overcome these challenges and develop meaningful segments. These segments inform development teams, product managers, and marketing teams, and enhance systems like email marketing automation platforms.

Our Experience

We’ve helped over a dozen crypto companies gain deeper insights into their userbase, improving marketing efforts and increased retention and monetization.

Our Skills

We work closely with Product Managers and Marketers to understand their needs. We then engage with developers to acquire the necessary data, enabling us to segment their user base.

How We Work With Clients

Once we grasp our client’s platform, systems, tools, and the database structure they utilize, we work with them to extract, analyze, and interpret their data for marketing purposes.

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If you’re interested getting assistance with market segmentation knowledge for your crypto marketing plan or business plan, please reach out to us using the contact form below. You can also contact us on Telegram at @BitcoinMarketingTeamHQ or via email at [email protected] to schedule a meeting and discuss your needs.


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