About us

Company Background
The Bitcoin Marketing Team is a specialist cryptocurrency marketing firm founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2014. We have worked with a wide variety of companies operating bitcoin and blockchain products and services, as well as those looking to launch Initial Coin Offerings and ERC-20 Token Sales. Our 2017 ICO clients collectively raised over $100,000,000 between them.

The company was founded by Jamie McCormick, a veteran of the online video games industry, who has a long background going back to the mid 2000’s marketing online across companies including Demonware, Europe’s first licensed Xbox Live Gaming Centre, Jolt Online Gaming and GALA Networks Europe. Combined with Rene Reichert, formerly of GALA Networks Europe and NCSoft and the rest of the team, we have steadily grown into one of Europe’s most established bitcoin and cryptocurrency marketing agencies with clients in North America, Europe and Asia.

Why work with us?
We work with cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in a wide variety of companies. Having launched multiple digital products, and experience in virtual currencies since before the Genesis block was mined by Satoshi, we can help start-up or more established companies develop and execute practical marketing, communications and advertising strategies. We also have extensive experience with search engine optimisation, product testing, analysing conversion funnels, and developing business planning documents.

Our tried and tested approach also enables those operating ICOs to plan our their campaigns backed by our experience, enabling your team to come together around a common goal, and execute your strategies.

Do we know bitcoin?
We started our journey in bitcoin in early 2013 in block 228533, and haven’t looked back. Jamie set up BitcoinsInIreland.com which looks at different aspects of the bitcoin ecosystem, and his experience with bitcoin mining, trading, exchanges, b2b and b2c services, as well as providing news and coverage of local Irish events and news. In conjunction with the Bitcoin Marketing Team, we also conducted the international #BitcoinSurvey 2015 and 2016, with respondents across over 60 countries in the world across over 10 languages.

Types of bitcoin clients we work with
Our agency has worked with a number of bitcoin and blockchain sector clients, including bitcoin gambling, bitcoin payment processors, bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin service providers and companies launching blockchain based applications and services. We have worked with over half a dozen Initial Coin Offerings which raised in excess of $100,000,000.

Types of bitcoin clients we won’t work with
Before we accept any clients we undertake due diligence. We will not take on projects with companies who hide or obscure their identities to their customers or ourselves. We will also automatically decline enquiries from companies offering questionable or illegal products or services.

Our project commissioning process
Every project is different, and therefore every quote we do is tailor made for the company in question based on the scope of work that is required. Once you put your initial enquiry in, we will organise a conference call with you to discuss your requirements, and prepare a quote thereafter. Once you are happy with it, we will draft our standard contract, accompanied by statements of work for the different tasks.

We require a 10% booking deposit on the overall project value to book in the work, and then a 50% payment to commission each statement of work (less the booking deposit), payable in bitcoin, ethereum or bank transfer, with the balance due on fulfillment of the corresponding milestones.

For general marketing assistance, or mid-to-long term projects that require sustained assistance, we are happy to negotiate retainer prices.

Advertising Management
We provide advertising agency functions for many of our clients, organising one-off, or ongoing advertising activities across bitcoin specific websites and ad networks, traditional advertising channels such as Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter. We employ our proprietary Chrysalis marketing engine to measure, optimise, configure and report on all campaigns we run. Campaigns using traditional adnets are managed using a client’s account and billing, while bitcoin denominated budgets are held in segregated client wallets secured by Trezor hard wallets, with any unspent advertising budget reimbursed in full less miners fee at the end of the advertising period.

Get in touch!
So if you’re looking for personal help to either get your bitcoin business off the ground, or you’re already running, and want to begin or scale up your activities, then get in touch with us today!