Who are the Bitcoin Marketing Team?

Bitcoin Marketing Team was founded in September 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

Our core team entered the blockchain industry after identifying that there were significant skills gaps in the market place for an experienced team of digital marketers taking a data-driven approach to this new sector, as well as bringing tried and tested experience from similar highly competitive, international industries.

If you’re looking at our website, you’ll likely know the challenge to find people who are experienced in more than one project, qualified in digital marketing and related areas, and who can work with you and your team to help put together a strategy for your own product or service.

From a modest base, we have built our reputation around clear professional goals. We take a no-bullshit approach to working with projects, as it doesn’t do anyone favours otherwise. Over the past five years we have worked on nearly thirty blockchain projects encompassing a cross-section of the crypto industry. We’ve worked with small and large companies providing exchanges, b2b services, b2c platforms, lending platforms, gambling, and participated in 11 token sales which collectively raised $110m+.

We have also engaged in multiple market research projects including our own #BitcoinSurvey, as well as various market studies and market research for projects. Our accumulated knowledge feeds into every project.

Our core team combines over five decades experience in working in high-tech industries, with nearly ten years combined experience in the blockchain sector, which we’re sure you know is a rapidly evolving, highly competitive industry with it’s own bespoke challenges.


Launching a new company or brand in the blockchain sector is an expensive and potentially heartbreaking undertaking, which takes a lot of time, effort and expense to make it work.

We evaluate each project on a case by case basis, including due diligence on the company or team. For those teams that pass, we spend a lot of time getting to know the product or service, so we can put together the best bespoke strategy or services for it’s need.

If the product is brand new, we can use our experience across the dozens of crypto and non-crypto projects to help position the project in the market, identify target audiences, country and language markets, and put together a full range of services to assist your team to bring the product to market.

If you have previously completed a token sale, we can work with you to reposition your offering around the product and service you are launching, and put together a full strategy to prepare you for a short, medium or long-term launch into different markets.

We also work with companies who are looking at re-launching projects that are on the market. Maybe you didn’t have a marketing manager in place, they moved onto a different company, or you worked with an agency in the past who isn’t up for what you need right now. Either way, we can evaluate your project and work with you to improve your presence, and grow your user acquisition via  a wide range of marketing activities.

And as a blockchain and crypto marketing & advertising agency, we do of course accept bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Advertising & Marketing Agency
Our core values

We believe in quality, transparency and dedication to the projects we work on. We carefully select the projects we work on, and unlike other companies that take on dozens of concurrent projects, we focus on a handful per quarter. This allows us to support each project to the highest standard of quality, and enables us to build long-term partnerships with our clients based on honesty, hard work, trust, performance and results.

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