Web3 & Crypto Conversion Funnel Optimization (CRO)

Conversion funnels are a vital component of any crypto and web3 project, whether you’re growing organically or running multi-channel advertising campaigns.

Optimizing your funnel provides numerous benefits, including higher conversion rates from website and landing page traffic, easy improvements to your onboarding process that significantly boost performance, reduced drop-out rates through enhanced user experience, and ultimately a greater return on investment for your marketing, communications, and advertising efforts.

Our Experience

We’ve improved conversion funnel and onboarding processes for multiple crypto projects, including exchanges, crypto lending platforms, blockchain games, crypto events, NFT platforms, and more.

Our Skills

Our tried and tested approach helps our clients to reduce their dropout rates through every step of the conversion and onboarding process, enabling higher conversion rates from marketing and advertising efforts.

How We Work With Clients

Our team evaluates client registration and onboarding processes, identifies dropout areas, reviews platform data, and collaborates with the team to implement and measure improvements.

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