Web3 & Crypto User Acquisition Strategies

Crypto marketers face a daunting challenge of attracting customers, increasing usage, and boosting revenue as you launch, grow, or scale your user base. Our comprehensive user acquisition strategies ensures that you have a clear understanding of the best methods to achieve your goals.

By identifying your target markets and users, conducting thorough market research, and refining your value proposition, analytics, and presentation, we equip you with the insights needed to succeed. We then outline the optimal mix of advertising, marketing, and communication tactics tailored to your specific needs. Our strategies are designed to effectively drive potential customers to your platform, ensuring sustainable growth and success in the competitive crypto landscape.

Our Experience

We’ve extensive experience having launched dozens of crypto and web3 projects including crypto lending, exchanges, defi, crypto products, b2b services, blockchain games and more.

Our Skills

Having managed $2m+ in advertising budgets which has driven hundreds of thousands of users into our clients platforms, we have a solid understanding of what’s needed to compete in today’s crypto landscape. 

How We Work With Clients

We use our client’s platforms, review existing documentation, meet with stakeholders, and research the market to prepare comprehensive, bespoke strategies, that our client’s team or our retained service can execute.

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If you’re interested in user acquisition strategy for your crypto project or app, please reach out to us using the contact form below. You can also contact us on Telegram at @BitcoinMarketingTeamHQ or via email at [email protected] to schedule a meeting and discuss your needs.


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