WHO are we?
We are a passionate experienced marketing team with a proven track record.

Specialising in marketing, advertising, communications & brand development, we combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver solutions on a worldwide scale. We’ve successfully provided marketing assistance for product and service launches across a variety of sectors & industries.

We provide a wide range of marketing, advertising and communication services to the blockchain sector and thereby we guide the digital marketing & PR efforts through the varying phases of a product or service life cycle.

Strategy for blockchain and bitcoin projects

We develop a vision around how your online presence will fulfill business and external stakeholder needs, goals, opportunities and will assist you in addressing challenges.

Digital advertisement for blockchain and bitcoin projects

Leverage online advertising to establish or grow your brand. Reach new B2B partners, B2C audiences or investors. We can assist you and keep budgets in check by analysing towards your ROI.

Online Communication Assistance for blockchain and bitcoin projects

It is essential to present your messaging the right way in order to be successful. Communication failures come at no small price when customers form unfavorable conclusions about your brand.

Website optimization

We assist you make changes to your website so that it will appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPS), increase organic traffic and optimize your conversion funnel. Unintrusive, inbound marketing.

Email Marketing

You want to reach or inform established and prospective B2B or B2C customers and we can assist with that. Please note that we do not like spam ourselves and won’t facilitate campaigns of similar characteristic.

Blockchain marketing consultancy

We provide expert advice within the field of online marketing. Decades of experience in launching online services & products allow us to help you avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls and focus on more important aspects of your business.

latest blockchain project

LocalCoinSwap is a decentralized, cryptocurrency exchange marketplacethat supports more cryptocurrencies than any other peer-to-peer exchanges and more payment methods than any other cryptocurrency exchange.

LocalCoinSwap allows traders in any location, to directly trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC/XBT), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple, Lisk and others, using any method of payment. The LocalCoinSwap user base receives 100% of the profits from the marketplace and votes together in a proof-of-stake system to decide how the exchange should operate.

The team of experts
Our core marketing team brings decade’s of experience to the blockchain sector.
Jamie McCormick


A marketing veteran of the video games industry, Jamie joined the blockchain on block 228533 and founded Bitcoin Marketing Team in 2014 to bring his expertise to the blockchain sector.

Rene Reichert


Extensive experience in the online publishing services sector since 2000. Launched and maintained 25+ products.  Rene joined the BitcoinMarketingTeam and the blockchain in block 334795.

Tom McCormick


Former Managing Director of Canon Ireland and office supplies company Bryan S Ryan. Tom provides strategic and leadership support to the company and assists growing and sustaining the business.

When we started in 2014, the blockchain wasn’t hip or trendy

The Bitcoin Marketing Team was founded as a specialist cryptocurrency marketing firm in 2014, in block 228533. We have worked with a wide variety of companies operating bitcoin and blockchain products and services, as well as those looking to launch Initial Coin Offerings and ERC-20 Token Sales. Our 2017 & 2018 ICO clients collectively raised over $110,000,000 between them.

We also conducted the international #BitcoinSurvey 2015 and 2016, with respondents across over 60 countries in the world, across over 10 languages.

Projects done
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Awesome clients

Our clients span Europe, North America, Asia & Australasia, and we have a unique story with each of them. Whether they are B2C or B2B, we’ve delivered results for our blockchain clients for over four years.

Amanda Costanzi
SALT Lending

“The Bitcoin Marketing Team has been an amazing resource for SALT Lending as we expand our reach globally. We attribute much of our online traction and member conversion to the work BMT does behind the scenes!”

Pantelis Roussakis
Brave New Coin

A highly professional team, always thorough, offering excellence in communication and troubleshooting skills. They have always worked tirelessly to optimise reach, maximise results and deliver first class service to all our clients.

Anna Lapshina
PR & Marketing

On behalf of Playkey.io team, I would like to thank the BitcoinMarketingTeam who brought a significant contribution to the work within our pre- and ICO period. All the work was being carried out properly, promptly, with high responsibility, and with professional excellence demonstration. The BitcoinMarketingTeam is efficient in its approach to work that was always done on schedule although the requirements were very flexible and of a wide range. BitcoinMarketingTeam contribution to advertorial area of Playkey ICO activity has been much appreciated. I was happy to have an experience of the working together and strongly recommend the Team, without reservation, to cooperation to whom it may concern.

Gerry Howatt

“The Bitcoin Marketing Team did an amazing job managing all of our paid search for our Token Generation Event. They consistently provided low CPA for our whitelist. Jamie and team were very proactive dealing with campaign challenges and consistently communicated their strategy. Looking forward to working with them again!”

If you are a Bitcoin or Blockchain entrepreneur who requires assistance to bring your product, service or crowdfunding exercise to market, our experienced team can help!

Our range of personalised packages can help you put together a strategy backed by solid marketing, communications and advertising to grow your business.

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social and blog

Bitcoin Marketing Team, The Digital Depot, Roe Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland
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