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Our 2017 clients collectively raised over $100,000,000
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Insured | Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland

ICO & ERC-20 Token Marketing

Initial Coin Offering's & ERC-20 Token Sales are the latest way of raising finance for bitcoin and blockchain projects. We can help eligible ICO's create marketing strategies, advertise their offerings to their audience of investors through a mix of digital marketing activities on search, display, social and video advertising channels, combined with crypto-focused media buying and brand building across bitcoin advertising networks.

Marketing Strategy

Our proven Integrated Marketing and Communication Strategies allow companies to plan our their marketing activities, regardless of if it's pre-release, already on the market, or going through an upgrade. Our bespoke plans leverage our experience bring online products and services to market, combined with our extensive proprietary research into the bitcoin and blockchain sectors.

Advertising Management & Media Buying

We have extensive experience managing small and large-scale advertising activities and media buying across digital advertising channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google, as well as wide number of bitcoin advertising networks. Our data-driven approach towards optimisation, budget management and pricing combined with our proprietary Chrysal.is engine allow us to optimise towards in-product metrics, allowing for full transparency on activities.

Bitcoin & Blockchain SEO

We have extensive experience with on-site SEO, including copy-writing, configuring and improving site performance, submission to search engines, removal of old content, backed by an extensive library of bitcoin and blockchain terminology.

Product Launches

Our team has worked on over 30 different product launches across over a decade, as well as nearly a dozen projects in the bitcoin and blockchain space since 2014. We can help you map out your route-to-market through strategy, conversion funnel analysis, data-driven advertising, marketing and communications activities.

Marketing & In-Product Analytics

We can work with Management teams to create viable and scaleable business models for bitcoin and blockchain projects. We have extensive experience bringing online products and services to market, and can help define Key Performance Indicators allowing better understanding of day-to-day operations, as well as identifying in-product bottlenecks to improve your conversion funnels and user flow.

Customer Surveys

Already have a bitcoin or blockchain userbase? We can assist with the creation, promotion and collation of results of user surveys, helping you get better insight on your existing customers, refine product development roadmaps, get in-depth competitor research or identify issues with your products or services that are often overlooked.

Market Research Studies

Since day one, we have conducted primary research through initiatives such as the international #BitcoinSurvey, as well as numerous market research projects for clients. We have extensive datasets on bitcoin and blockchain usage and adoption around the world, and can create bespoke studies to allow you to identify markets for your products and services.  

Process Development

Our team has extensive experience across marketing, advertising, operations, customer services and more. We can assist your project to put in place the correct processes so you can handle growth of your userbase over time, bringing video-games industry experience to bitcoin and blockchain projects.

Client Testimonial

On behalf of Playkey.io team, I would like to thank the BitcoinMarketingTeam who brought a significant contribution to the work within our pre- and ICO period. All the work was being carried out properly, promptly, with high responsibility, and with professional excellence demonstration. The BitcoinMarketingTeam is efficient in its approach to work that was always done on schedule although the requirements were very flexible and of a wide range. BitcoinMarketingTeam contribution to advertorial area of Playkey ICO activity has been much appreciated. I was happy to have an experience of the working together and strongly recommend the Team, without reservation, to cooperation to whom it may concern.
Anna Lapshina - Playkey.io

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If you are a Bitcoin or Blockchain entrepreneur who is struggling with how to bring your product, service or crowdfunding exercise to market, our experienced team can help! Our range of personalised packages can help you put together a strategy backed by solid marketing, communications and advertising to grow your business. We work with companies of all sizes, from one person companies to large corporations, and everything in between!
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