About Us

Our History

Bitcoin Marketing Team is a specialist cryptocurrency marketing agency founded in August 2014. We’re an Irish company, operating for 418,699 blocks and counting, which makes us one of Europe’s oldest specialist blockchain marketing agencies.

Since day one, we’ve had an international focus. We started modestly, with our first two clients being a US bitcoin mining pool and a EU cryptocurrency exchange. As time went on we steadily built up our experience, working across over 30 projects from clients in over 12 countries. While many found us in search engines, more often than not our clients came recommendation from existing clients, or from companies we crossed paths and worked alongside.

As a boutique agency, we’ve always focused on quality of service, taking on only a handful of concurrent clients at a time. While this means we often have to turn down business, it has also allowed us to build up a reputation for no bullshit, honesty and hard work, something we’re very proud of. Unlike many other larger agencies, our team often integrates closely with clients when we work with them, bringing a diverse range of knowledge, skills and experience to the projects we get involved with.

We’ve never been a full-service agency, instead focusing on a select range of in-house, high-quality services that we’ve built substantial expertise in over the years. That’s not to say we can’t help you find people to help where we can’t, and few agencies out there actually can do everything, and instead outsource many functions. We know this, because we’ve been asked dozens of times (and refused every time) to work in a white label capacity. But the flipside of this is that over the years we’ve worked first-hand with a number of high quality service providers that are specialised in areas we’re not, and where appropriate we’re happy to recommend these.

This slow and steady focus has allowed us to build up our experience, survive two crypto winters and a global pandemic, whereas many of our competitors have fallen by the wayside.