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Ready to launch your project?

How does one achieve a successful launch in this highly competitive crypto market? Marketing budget is a finite resource, and project goals are time sensitive. Effective allocation of resources can be a minefield. It is all too easy to end up spending precious dollars on suboptimal activities. Often, these activities drive traffic into conversion funnels that need a bit of TLC, which can  reduce the return on investment, or worse – sink a project (and often the company behind it).

Allow our Senior Marketers to evaluate your project

We’ve put together an exclusive consultancy package specifically aimed at projects that are gearing up for a launch, a sanity check if you want to put it that way.

Our team can evaluate your marketing plan through an objective lens. We will look at your product and positioning, tracking and accreditation, and marketing, communications and advertising activities to provide you with a report. This will help you quickly identify areas that can be improved, areas that may have been missed, and important considerations for promoting your specific crypto project.

Quickly know how ready you are to hit go

Most projects can be evaluated within a week of commissioning the project. We’ll review your materials, plans and talk to key stakeholders, providing a written report and conference call to present the findings. This is especially useful for projects that are aiming to bring traffic to their website, sign up users, and monetise them later.

So if you need help with checking the readiness for launch of your project, you can contact us on the site’s chat, use the contact form on this page or send us an email to sales [at] bitcoinmarketingteam [dot] com and schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your requirements.

Want to know if you’re really ready to hit go on that launch plan? Allow our Senior Marketers to evaluate your campaign and guide you on what needs to put in place to hit the ground running on launch day, and beyond.