Sometimes it takes a WTH! moment to realise how little you really know

So the team at McCormick AMS have been beavering away on our new marketing middleware platform – Chrysalis which we’re now playing with after receiving our prototype a fortnight ago. There’s some info on what it does over at I’ve found in all of the marketing jobs that I’ve had, and teams that I’ve been involved with that people are different. There are many paths into a digital marketing career, and various different qualifications but once you’re in the job, the language of your day revolves around budgeting, negotiation with partners to run your ads, integrating them in some way, monitoring them, and generating reports which can let you plan out your days work. Back in the “bunker” that is the second floor of the Digital Exchange building in Dublin, I joined an ambitious multilanguage, multicultural Japanese/Korean games publisher, GALA Networks Europe, which was a massive step up in […]

Why bitcoin is the ideal testbed for marketing technology

Since leaving games publishing last year, and a lot of time spent over the summer deciding what to do next, bitcoin seemed like a no-brainer. I was interested in it, I knew that for a €500 invoice, I’d receive €499.90 via it when getting paid by customers in it, versus €480.15 if I opt for Paypal. But coming from the games industry, and a marketing technology design background, I could see that this rapidly iterating, always-on industry has a lot in common with many sectors, games being one. I spent nearly a decade promoting large-scale massively multiplayer online role playing games, and bitcoin has as many (sometimes) fanatical group of enthusiasts on board as any MMO. As it is, back in the early days of bitcoin, it was the GPU’s of high end gamer computers that generated a large number of the early day bitcoin, before ASIC’s made them redundant […]