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Get certified Google Ads professionals to manage your ads

As one of Europe’s oldest Crypto Advertising Agencies, we have worked with many clients who want to use Google Ads over the years to promote their projects across Search, Display, YouTube and Google Play.

With strict requirements, Google only allows certain types of crypto projects to advertise on their network, and we can quickly evaluate whether your project will meet the rules of their advertising policies. If you do, our team of experienced and qualified Google Ads professionals can help you put together your advertising strategy across their channels to drive highly relevant traffic from Google Search, hundred of crypto sites using Google Display Network, and targeting crypto users in both YouTube and Google Play.

We’ve managed over $1,000,000 in Google Ads campaigns

Using our knowledge of the crypto space, our internal data to help targeting, and our extensive database of crypto keywords acquired over the 8 years we’ve been running the Bitcoin Marketing Team, we can quickly put together meaningful campaigns that drive results. We’ll walk you through the account certification process if required (which Google requires many crypto advertisers to go through), and help you choose the best strategy to use the world’s best advertising network.

We can set up campaigns for you to run, or run them on your behalf

We’ve a pretty flexible approach when it comes to managing ad campaigns for clients on Google, depending on their circumstances. In some cases, there is an account that needs a bit of TLC to get it back into shape if it’s been managed in-house before, or a campaign needs to be set up from scratch. Unlike other agencies who often will restrict access to an account after they’re worked on it, we understand that it’s your data and advertising budget that’s been spent, so we always work out of your accounts to manage your budget, ensuring that even if you choose to part ways further down the line, you’ll always benefit from the work we did in your accounts. 

If you need help with seeing if you are eligible to advertise on Google Search, Display Network, YouTube or Google Play for your project, you can contact us on the site’s chat, use the contact form on this page or send us an email to sales [at] bitcoinmarketingteam [dot] com and schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your requirements.

We’ve successfully set up and managed over $2,000,000 in crypto advertising campaigns.